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If you’re wondering “how to sell my house fast in San Antonio, TX,” you’re probably already thinking about hiring a real estate agent. And that would be your first and worst mistake. 

Homeowners hopefully think real estate agents will help them to sell their house fast and provide assistance with any complication during the entire process. And yeah, that’s the essential function of any real estate agent, but that doesn’t mean they’re the best option for selling your house. It’s always best for you to consider some other house selling alternatives like home buying companies.

Like the ones used by real estate agents, traditional selling methods tend to have many setbacks that slow down the sale of your house. You also need to prepare a bigger budget if you want to hire a real estate agent. We want to share with you more about these setbacks and how you can avoid them by using a home buying company. 

Slow and Complicated

Did you know it takes around three months to list your house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)? And listing your home doesn’t guarantee you will get any potential buyer. Even if you do, 50 percent of real estate sales tend to fall through. 

So what are the significant setbacks from using real estate agents that make the process of selling your house slow and complicated? Here are some of them:

Paperwork and Legal Procedures

Real estate agents work with real estate agencies that provide a service full of legal, complicated requirements. When homeowners hire their services, they must be ready to sign numerous paperwork for fees, commission, setting a price for their home, etc. And when negotiation with potential buyers starts, you’ll also need to depend on paperwork if you reach a deal. 

That’s the significant advantage of home buyers. The only paperwork you’ll find is to sell your house to them directly. They don’t need a third party to concrete their purchase, so the process is direct with homeowners only. 


Because real estate agents are not buyers but only intermediaries for selling your house, negotiation is expected in the process. Usually, when you find a potential buyer, they’ll try to negotiate a price reduction with you and your real estate agent. Negotiations do not always end on good terms for homeowners and potential buyers. Sometimes, they fail to meet halfway and reach an agreement. 

A flawed negotiation process can quickly slow down the sale of your house. When you use a home buying company, you skip negotiating with third parties, and they can buy your house directly.


Before you even start thinking about listing your house on the MLS, you need to make sure that your home is ready to compete in the real estate market. To do that, you must pass certain inspections that determine the actual value of your property. 

Your house deteriorates over time, so maintenance and repairs are needed every year. But homeowners are not always able to keep up with all the costly maintenance a home requires. And when this happens, the severity of the issue tends to grow. 

Rotten wood, termites infestation, and foundation problems can all prevent you from listing your house. Homeowners do not always have the money to deal with unexpected costs. Sometimes they have the urgency of selling their home fast. So knowing they have to invest more money than they don’t currently have, is a significant setback for the sale of their house. 

With a home buying company, you shouldn’t expect wasting money on unnecessary repairs and maintenance. One of their multiple benefits is that if they’re interested in your property, they’ll buy it no matter the conditions. These companies usually have contacts with businesses or workers that take charge of repairing any house they buy. 

A Faster and Easier Approach

Stop wondering “how to sell my house fast in San Antonio, TX,” and start selling instead. With the help of a professional and reliable home buying company like Fast House Buyers. Fast House Buyers demonstrates their numerous advantages over real estate agents with their easy, fast, and affordable process. 

Don’t waste money and time with a third party when you can go directly to an interested buyer with a home buying company. If you want to learn more about the benefits, Fast house Buyers offer, go ahead and read more now. 


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