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Cash Offers for Fire-Damaged Houses in San Antonio

Fire-damaged houses can be difficult to sell but not impossible. Difficulties can arise if you are trying to sell it in a traditional way through a real estate agent or on your own. The problem with selling a damaged house through these selling methods is that potential buyers look for houses in good and breathtaking conditions. Therefore, it can become a long and stressful process before getting an offer. 

Sell A Fire-Damaged House In San Antonio, TX

First and foremost, it is important that as a seller you don’t try to cover up any fire damages. It doesn’t matter if it happened a month, six months, or a year ago. In fact, if you can provide proper documentation about the fire and the damages that result from it before putting your property on the market, it will be very beneficial. 

Many homeowners in San Antonio, TX struggle with deciding whether or not to restore the property or to sell it with fire damage. The truth is that either way has its pros and cons. To begin with, restoring the entire property can be a long and expensive process. 

Likewise, it is important to take into consideration that when it comes to repairs anything can go wrong, delaying the selling process even more. Therefore, if you are looking to sell your damaged property fast, this may not be the best option for you. 

Ways To Sell Your Fire Damaged House Fast

There are two ways in which you can sell your fire damaged property, which can be either by completely restoring it or by selling it as-is. 

Restoring It

The process of restoring a property is always a long and expensive process. Imagine doing it with a damaged property, it will take more time to be completed. Nevertheless, many homeowners make the decision to do it since they believe that selling a renovated property will be more beneficial than selling it as a damaged one. 

Although this may be true in some cases, here we tell you the cons of restoring your property. 

  • Fire damage can be extremely costly and can cause respiratory problems due to the high exposure to soot. 
  • Damages may include walls, ceilings, leaving behind odors, attic, roof, air conditioning, heating systems, water restoration, and mold removal.
  • If a homeowner doesn’t have insurance, then they can expect more than $10,000 on repairs. 
  • Delays are always a possibility, especially with repairs. Selling and move-in dates may be affected and pushed back due to repairs. 

Selling It As-Is

Selling your fire damaged property as-is might be a better option for various reasons. To begin with selling as-is allows you to sell the property in the same condition without having to do repairs, upgrades, cleaning, and restoration. Avoiding this will ensure a fast selling process and the avoidance of expensive costs. 

The best part of selling a fire damaged property as-is is that potential buyers know what to expect since they are fully aware of the current conditions of the house. Therefore, you don’t risk that the sale will fall through because a buyer backed out. 

Potential buyers looking for as-is properties will not only ease the selling process for you but will also look to close a deal in less than seven days. 

Your Best Option: Fast House Buyers

Selling a damaged property has never been easier than with home buying companies. Your best and fastest option is to sell a fire damaged house in San Antonio, TX, with Fast House Buyers. Fast House Buyers will buy your property as-is, no matter its location, size, condition, or market value. You will not only be saving money but also time with us. 

At Fast House Buyers, we understand that timing is everything when selling a house, which is why we guarantee a closing date in seven days or less. Getting homeowners through a hard time and finding solutions for them is our main priority. 

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity and get an all fair cash offer from us within days. Fast House Buyers have the necessary knowledge and experience to take care of your property and provide you with the best possible solution to all of your problems. 


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