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Sell My House Without A Realtor

For whatever reason, if you want to sell your house fast and with more money into your pockets, hiring real estate agents is not the way to go. Real estate investors like Fast House Buyers are ready to put cash offers and close deals within a week. Fast House Buyers buys your home in San Antonio and surroundings in cash, fast, and as-is. No realtors can offer what we can; we are already on the scoring lead. 


Sometimes, the traditional way to do things is best, but that’s not the case. Compare us to real estate agents regarding time, costs, and conditions. You will be surprised to find out the results. We’ll give you a preview: Fast House Buyers give you a free cash offer if you contact us today. To consider “sell my house without a realtor” has never been more achievable. 




Realtors will take a long time to find potential buyers, and when they do, the process of selling your house is at all safe. There are risks of buying financing to fall through, besides the months of listing.


On the other hand, the process of selling your house to Fast House Buyers is quick and straightforward. If not, we would have changed our name already. After your call, within 48 hours, we will reach your home, evaluate and give you a fair cash offer. If you accept our offer, within ten days or less, the deal is closed. 


Months v. 1 Week. Point for Fast House Buyers. (0-2)


Realtors tend to hide their fees and upfront costs. When they manage to sell your home, they charge crazy high commissions over the house’s price. 


Fast House Buyers doesn’t do that. We are all about providing simple solutions and putting more money into the pockets of homeowners. We don’t charge commissions or fees; what we offer is what you get. With us, you are getting more money in less time; that should end the comparison, but wait, there’s more. For now, the score is 0-3 in our favor. 


Most of the time, selling your house with realtors implies inspections, contractors, evaluations, and you have to handle the repairs. By selling your house to Fast House Buyers, you can prevent all of that hideous process. We buy homes as-is, meaning that we buy houses in the exact condition they are. It’s that simple. 


When selling your home to us, simplicity is priceless; literally, we don’t charge you anything for this fast and straightforward process. Another point for us (0-4). The method of “Sell my house fast without a realtor” has never been that easy. We’re that good. 

Sell Your Home With The Winners

We know you and your family are champions; why not choose the winning team? Forget about paying tons of money while waiting a lot of time to sell your home; your peace of mind comes first. Enjoy the possibilities of selling your house fast and for a fair cash offer. Contact us today to start the new stage of your life within a week. 


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