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All relationships involve a degree of conflict – and it’s expected to argue more during stressful times. For some couples, pandemic friction has involved a few more fights about the laundry or the savings account. 

For others, the lockdown has exposed issues that run deeper and offered ample time for reflection, leaving them to wonder about their options for pursuing separation during the pandemic. Without daily trips to the office and kids heading off to school, it’s become nearly impossible for unhappy couples to use physical distance as a means of keeping the peace.

However, given the timing, the question arises – is now a good time to sell? What does the real estate market look like? And are we likely to get a fair price for our property? Keep reading to learn more about selling your property amid the Covid-19 pandemic – and a divorce. 

What Can I Expect? 

There’s no doubt Covid-19 has impacted our daily lives, but it’s also impacted the real estate market, making it difficult to decide whether or not it’s a good time to sell. One of the most important issues couples face when selling a home during a divorce is determining when to put the house on the market. 

Everyone is affected by the crisis, and a lot of people are involved in a home sale: bank officers, home inspectors, escrows, agents, appraisers, and so on. Actions that might have once been completed in hours or minutes might have to wait, whether because individuals are unavailable or because a shelter-in-place order limits all non-emergency travel. 

As per the market, supply is more than demand. But, while you may have less competition during this time, you may also have fewer buyers. Some buyers are losing jobs or being laid off, affecting if they qualify for a loan. 

For many buyers, their concern is the ability to write an offer from merely a virtual showing. Technology troubles can hinder a home sale. Chances are you and the seller could be responsible for taking photos and virtual tours of the homes, posing problems for those who lack professional equipment or necessary photography skills.

If you’re considering selling your home during a divorce, here are essential things to keep in mind: 

Settle On The Maintenance 

You will need to put money into the home to sell it – and determine who will pay for it. We are not in a market right now where you just throw home on the MLS and get over asking. If the home is not primed and perfect for buyers, you will lose money. 

The Agent Matters

You may have a friend who’s a real estate agent, but that doesn’t mean you should hire that person to sell your home. It’s essential to find someone who has the experience and can communicate with both spouses. 

There’s An Easier Way To Sell 

Going through a divorce can be stressful enough; having to sell your home on top of that can be unnecessary stress. On-top of Covid-19 restrictions, you’ll be forced to invest in repairs, renovations, and more. The home selling process is not a walk in the park, but it can be. This is where home buying companies step in. 

If you’re looking for a home selling option that involves as little hassle on your part as possible, selling to house buyers may be the best card in your hands. Here are a few reasons you should consider selling to one. 

They Buy Your House As-Is

A home buying company is willing to buy properties even if they’re not in the best condition. Hence if you don’t have the extra time or money for the necessary renovations, you can simply contact a local home buyer. They will come over to your property and give you the fairest price assessment. 

They Can Pay With Cash 

Homebuyers have the cash to pay for your house on the spot. Of course, you don’t have to say yes right away, but this can be a huge deciding factor if getting quick cash is your priority. 

There are No Fees 

Having a real estate agent usually involves high fees, given their commission rates. Selling to a home buying company can help you save the extra money you would otherwise have to pay in commissions and closing costs. 

Sell To Fast House Buyers 

Selling a property during a divorce can be a stressful and time-consuming task, as-if selling a house is not stressful on its own. At Fast House Buyers, our home buying experts have just what you’re looking for. A fast and quick solution for the issues you’re facing. Our team can buy any house in any condition. 

Getting homeowners through a hard time and finding a solution is one of our goals. We are committed to helping homeowners sell any property fast. 




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