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It’s Not Too Late to Stop Foreclosure

Losing your home to foreclosure can be a harsh psychological impact on any homeowner. A home is usually something you work hard for and spend time and energy building it. It’s never easy to say goodbye to your home, especially when a financial situation like foreclosure is the issue. 

The Foreclosure Process

Just the fear of foreclosure itself can be terrifying enough, but you don’t get there in a day or so. There’s a premature process before you hit foreclosure. Federal law states that a foreclosure can’t start until the borrower is more than 120 days without making any payment. That means you need to be four months late in your payments before you get to foreclosure.

Even before foreclosure happens, you must receive a notice like a breach letter or a personal note that explains the process is starting. And people tend to believe it’s already too late for them to sell their house when they receive a foreclosure notice. But it’s not too late to stop foreclosure if you sell your house to a home buying company. 

How to Sell a Foreclosed House

We know you might have two questions in mind, “Is it possible to sell a foreclosed house?” and “how to sell my foreclosed home fast?”; Fast House Buyers can assure you that it is possible and it’s very simple when you work with us. 

That’s why if you’re facing foreclosure, you’re still on time to sell your house and start a new home elsewhere. 

You might think going through a house sale process could be one way, and it’s perfectly understandable but there is a chance you might end up losing your time and budget. If you are considering a real estate agency or realtor to sell your house during a foreclosure, you won’t be able to sell your place on time. 

Hopefully, there is one way to sell your house on time: a home buying company. 

Home buying companies offer you a more straightforward approach that is very helpful for financial hardship situations. Cash home buyers can make you an offer in 24 hours. And in just ten days, they can close the deal and give you the cash you need to stop your foreclosure before you lose your house. 

Foreclosure Specialists 

Cash home buyers have decades of experience helping people with foreclosure problems. They don’t use or need any third parties like lenders or banks to do their business. That’s the main problem with traditional methods for selling houses. 

Few things like negotiation, paperwork, legal preparations, and an unexpected money shortage from a potential buyer can ruin your deal. But home buying companies are only one yes away from helping you sell your house. 

How the Process Works

In case you’re wondering how home buying companies do business or how their process looks like, we are showing you how their process looks in three single steps. 

  1. Contact them: if there’s any property you’re interested in selling fast and for cash, contact a home buying company and give them all the details about your property. 
  2. Schedule their visit: home buying companies work with the time of your preference. Either if you want them to visit you the next day or in two months, they’ll work at your pace. And once they have seen your place, they’ll make a cash offer ( in some cases in less than 24 hours). 
  3. Close fast and with no fees: after you accept their offer, cash home buyers can offer cash for your house within ten days or the most convenient time for you. They make sure you are always in control of the pace of the process. 

Stop Foreclosure and Build a New Chapter

It’s evident that after experiencing the series of unfortunate events foreclosure brings, you’re looking for a break. Professional home buying companies like Fast House Buyers are experts on helping homeowners sell their houses to stop foreclosure. They have multiple years of experience assisting numerous homeowners in dealing with their financial hardships. 

If you’re tired of searching for different ways of “how to sell my foreclosed home fast,” Fast House Buyers can help you out. You’re one click and free call away from preventing foreclosure. Go ahead and learn more about your options with Fast House Buyers. 


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